Alkaline cleaners


available in liquid and powder form

. Used to 

remove soils from metal substrates


found in the steel and metalworking industries

cleans ferrous & non-ferrous surfaces

. Compatible for use with other Quaker metalworking fluids and other corrosion preventives.

Maintenance Cleaners

Designed to 

clean shop floors


other plant equipment

, such as 

machining and grinding apparatus


forming dies


Process Cleaners

Cleaners that provide 

excellent cleaning performance

 on ferrous surfaces only. Used extensively in the 

Tube and Pipe Industry


clean strip and pipe prior to galvanizing

. This product will also 

effectively remove oil and grease


automotive and locomotive parts

. Its unique chemical balance provides very 

efficient penetrating, loosening and lifting

 of various 

soils from the surface

. It can be used in both 

spray and immersion cleaning systems


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Dual Purpose Cleaners and Metal Preservatives

Dual purpose

mild alkaline liquids

 that simultaneously 

clean and protect metal surfaces

 in a 

single processing step

. Designed for ferrous (

steel and cast iron

) alloys and non-ferrous (


) alloys. 

Rapid drying cleaners for vacuum dry applications

 and specifically designed 

cleaners for high-pressure

 (>6000 psi) applications are also available.

Sump and Maintenance Cleaners

Formulated for central systems

single machines

, or 

premix tanks filled with machining and grinding fluids

. These products are designed to 

penetrate, loosen, lift, and emulsify

 a variety of tenacious 


 and are typically 

used before the recharge


small sumps or large central systems


insure the coolant system is sufficiently clean

 prior to adding new machining or grinding fluids to 

extend the sump life


performance of coolant systems



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Aqueous solutions


varying degrees of alkalinity and solvency

. Primarily used in 

maintenance cleaning applications

 such as 

floor, machine and large equipment cleaning

; may be used in 

manual, spray or immersion washing equipment


Sump and Maintenance Cleaners

Formulated for 

central systems, single machines, or premix tanks


filled with machining and grinding fluids

. This product is designed to 




, and 

emulsify a variety of tenacious soils


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Water-based Maintenance Cleaners

Formulated for 

cleaning floors, walls, and all types of shop machinery

Extremely versatile cleaners

 capable of handling virtually all 

industrial shop cleaning

 jobs. Its 

grease cutting action

 can be used on just about any 

hard surface cleaning job

 in your factory or shop.


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Alkaline and acid cleaners

 available in 

liquid and powder form

. Used to remove soils from metal substrates normally found in the steel and metalworking industries; cleans ferrous & non-ferrous surfaces.

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Low Foaming Mobility Enhancers for Can Cleaning – QUAKLEEN™ WASHFLOW


improved sheeting and draining of water


multi-stage aluminum can washers

. They are 

used in the final stage of the can cleaning process

 to provide 

increased can mobility

 from the 


 over to the 




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Aqueous alkaline, or near-neutral solutions

Metalworking fluids

 used to 

enhance cleaning efficiency

corrosion protection of metals

sheeting out


draining of water rinses


foam control of cleaner solutions

. They may be used as a final step in a cleaning process to gain 

improved metal cleaning and rust protection


Rinse Water Additives


improved sheeting out and draining of water rinses


multi-stage operations


metal cleaning

. It can provide 


 such as a 

water break free surface


effectiveness at low concentrations


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Pickle Rinse Additives

Stain preventative additives for rinse systems


hydrochloric and sulfuric acid pickling

 operations. It is an 

acidic product, which 

minimizes the formation of iron hydroxides

 on the 

strip surface


line stops and collection in the rinse tanks


Multi-Purpose In-Plant Additives


 is a 

liquid alkaline

, multi-purpose product formulated to be used as a 

corrosion preventive rinse

, a 

mild alkaline cleaner

, or as a 

cleaner bath additive


increased, short-term metal cleaning power

. It is designed to be used in 

spray or immersion processes

 and, with its 

low-foam characteristics

, can be operated over a wide range of temperatures.


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